Decision makers across the economy need access to comprehensive, accurate,
and relevant data to make informed energy decisions.

Power Watch is working to meet that need by creating the world’s most comprehensive, open source database of the global power sector.

Mapping of power plant location, plus analytical tools for emissions accounting, water use, and other climate impacts will be layered on top of the database to help users make more informed energy related decisions.

This type is critically important to navigating the interplay between achieving climate, energy, and development targets at the global level, as well as making local energy investment decisions. The tools and underlying data can support companies, government officials, utilities, data analysts, and citizens, among others.

A global data partnership

Power Watch is made up of a partnership of research organizations, universities, non-profits, and data innovators, who are coming together with unique data and expertise to build the world’s most comprehensive, open source platform of global power systems.

Through open data, the platform and its tools will help catalyze accountability for policy makers, businesses and investors to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future while achieving development targets.

How can Power Watch help me?



Citizens will be empowered to better understand their local power systems and demand improvements.



Companies and cities will be able to monitor their greenhouse gas emissions from purchased electricity more easily and more accurately.



Governments will be able to measure the effect of power generation policies on climate, pollution, water stress, and electricity access.



Investors will be able to incorporate water risk, emissions and other impacts into their decisions.

Part of the Resource Watch platform

Power Watch is part of Resource Watch, an open platform that brings together data on a variety of natural resources to illuminate important trends and provide insights to those working on the frontlines of development and environmental protection.

Resource Watch combines advanced monitoring systems, satellite imagery, data, cloud computing, mobile technology, and artificial intelligence to create transparency, accessibility, and urgency around the evolving dynamics of the world’s resources.

Founding partners

World Resources Institute

Research Partners

KTH Stockholm
Global Energy Observatory
University of Groningen



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